ACM 3D Letter Maker


ACM 3D Letter Maker:

3D displays have been used extensively in movies and games. They are also essential in mixed reality where virtual space and real space overlap. Therefore, engineers and creators should be trained to master 3D display technologies.  The university’s Department of Information Media is unique because it was established to train both engineers who have the minds of creators and creators who have the knowledge and skills of engineers. The background of the students in this Department is almost similar to that of students in other Departments; many students come from ordinary high schools while others come from technical and other types of high schools. Neither fine arts nor music are an entrance examination subject in this university, and a Bachelor’s degree in engineering is presented at the time of graduation. Nevertheless, several students of the Department of Information Media seem to exhibit a strong interest in and aptitude for the arts; thus, the Department offers various courses that range from computer mechanisms and programming to the production of computer music, computer graphics (CG) animation and games.

Course Outline:

  • Acrylic Letters
  • Steel Letters
  • Wood Letters
  • Brass Letter
  • Lesar Cutting

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