Fine Arts


Fine Arts:

Fine Arts have several benefits for the society. It provides thinking skills, creativity and enhanced emotions to life and work. In the era of IT, these are all the things that cannot be automated.

Arts not only benefit the society but it also elicits beneficial qualities for the students. Arts make students more understanding and they allow them to look at the world from a different perspective. It allows students to think beyond limitations and to feel and imagine in any way they wish and this is the best form of learning a student can get.

All teaching is studio-based with particular emphasis on drawing and developing an individual style. The will to experiment and critical self-analysis, is facilitated through group critiques and individual tutorials. All projects are critiqued and evaluated by a panel of external jurors comprising of visiting artists/educators and teachers from the Fine Arts and other departments. One of the aims of the department is to train the students in the creative process. Apart from the techniques students are provided guidance regarding the basics of the materials pertaining to their respective disciplines. The department of fine art also facilitates the teaching of drawing and material and processes in the first year foundation course.

Course Outline:

  • Exploring Mixed Media
  • Creative Hand Writing
  • Fine Arts Software
  • Handmade painting(Drawing)
  • Art Criticism
  • Advance Painting

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