Yes Group of Colleges

Welcome to yes college

 Here we take pride in our students’ achievements. We are constantly in contact with the industry to ensure that our students receive up-to-date training in Pakistan. Our courses offer a blend of theoretical and practical activities to ensure our students are skilled and ready to enter the real world.

Prior to opening our designing college in Pakistan, there were only a few private training organizations in Pakistan that believed in the true learning and changing the future of students.

YES Group of Colleges is one of those institutes, which focuses not only on studying but also on skill making and future of our students because, Our students are our first priority.

 YES Group of Colleges, provides training according to national competency standards and guidelines. We are also registered and accredited both by AUSTRALIAN & PAKISTANI Authorities so our students can learn and work without any restrictions.

At YES College, Students have access to the latest technologies and equipment’s  including well equipped computer labs.

We regularly update our training methods to meet industry standards and changes in the modern industry. We have regular contact with industry professionals who provide counselling to our students for changing trends, products & services.

Our aim is producing vibrant students having great skills. We teach students to think for themselves. We teach students to work quickly and efficiently, while maintaining a relaxing environment.

We organize real and simulated work environments for our students to gain confidence and experience.  We have pioneers of the industry who have years of teaching experience and industry exposure holding the National Certificate in their relevant fields.

               BE THE CHANGE!

                                                              OUR SKILLS OUR PRIDE!